Sunday, May 6, 2012

Let's Rocket!

My aviation and space class shot off model rockets that we made at an elementary school to the student body. They gave us a random countdown before we either launched a rocket or had to do maintenance. Mine was colored random colors and called the Iridesc7, after the Mercury 7. My friend name his the "Captain America." We had to give a good impression and some made better impressions than others. I also got to see an old principal of mine. The parachutes rarely open and mine did on the second try. On classmate's rocket went up, straight into the ground, and deployed its parachute in the grass. One of the rockets went off course and into the parking lot. Mine landed in the crowd on the second launch but everyone was subordinate. Overall, I think we all deserve "A"s; all the kids thought that we were awesome.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Now That I...

I finally got some 3D graphics programs installed on my somewhat old laptop. The programs work well but there is a new question, what do I do with it?

Sunday, January 8, 2012


I Got back from a convention in Green Bay called districts. I have plenty to say, but I will focus on one thing for now. The music and guest rapper, Propaganda, was phenomenal, but the bass hurt. I asked them to turn the bass down, but most people like it. Perhaps they don't like to hear the singers or the music itself. Talk about feel the burn, the bass was a little too strong for me.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas concert

I went to the overture center to see the Christmas Spectacular concert. It was the first time I saw Kyle Ketelsen and other things. My sister was exited and I was waiting for the cold tablets to kick in.

We got the nosebleed section, much to my love of heights. The music was professionally done and my favorite part was when they replayed a very pretty song. I never heard gospel singers live, and they will perform at my school later on.

Afterwards, we stopped at my Dad's office, which is always fun. My sister did not like doing so for reasons I could not understand. At least it was quieter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Climbing Higher

My favorite moment in Civil Air Patrol is when my group went to Boulders Climbing Gym in Madison. I had different partners each time, few of them reached the top of a climbing wall. I reached the top of every climbing wall I was on, except for one that did not have ropes that I was able to get a grip on long enough for a potential photo. It was there that I learned how to climb a rope, putting one foot under the rope and one foot over it.

It was there that I learned phrases like, "On belay, belay on, climbing, climb on, tension, tension on, lower me, lowering," and other terms. most of the time I tried to get the cinematic, but not so hard fall, but I was too slender to get the right effect. I still got it to work. Most of my friends there were impressed at what I was able to do, but I did not get the opportunity to climb walls that had no pulleys or belays and had to be tethered by figure-8 knots. Most others seemed to be afraid of heights, but I felt like I did not get too may opportunities. It was still fun.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A lesson for fairy tale stepmothers

In German class we are studying German fairy tales, like Show White (Schneewittchen). They are good and better than Disney, but even some of the original characters and places are often one-dimensional and that is not really a bad thing. That was the norm in those days.
Here's some advice for anyone studying to be a fairy tale villain(ess):

1.Do not get angry over someone is prettier than you, unless he/she is a potential threat to you winning the fashion show. Just ask for advice from the prettier one, especially if the one in question is your stepdaughter.
2.Make sure the hunter you sent after someone is doing his job by overseeing him/her and threatening to hunt him/her if he doesn't do his job.
3.Make sure the fugitive you're after has nowhere to run that has dwarfs, if anything.
4.Use a poison that stays in the body and not one that leaves when the poison source is removed.

Now I have one piece of advice for damsels in distress: If you fell for a trick more than once, take the hint next time!

Most of these character quirks are forgivable because it was the norm of children stories in the Grimm Brothers era.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Learning the ropes

Over the weekend I was at a camp where we got the chance to go on high ropes (which were 40 feet off the ground). We had extensive safety measures and harnesses that took a minute to put on. I had to travel with two others when I wanted to go alone. My partners got the hang of it after I got the hang of it at first try. I guess I move faster alone.

Later, we went onto a climbing wall. I had little success on my first try and I later tried again with another pair of shoes and made it. I learned the new meaning of foot-binding.